Thursday, May 27, 2021

My latest column: “Marking Twenty Years in The Wanderer”


Marking Twenty Years In The Wanderer

May 27, 2021


Then and now.

Then, Fr. Robert D. Smith, and now, this humble scribbler.

It was 2001 and, after many years at this space in The Wanderer, the longtime columnist Fr. Smith suddenly took sick and stepped aside, dying by December 2001.

I was stationed at the time with the Navy on active duty in Naples, Italy. A friend who had written for the paper helped the editors at The Wanderer to locate me. I had written a piece or two for the paper as early as 1993 and had expressed interest in publishing regularly in these pages, but was informed that the paper limited space for clergy to two columns. But now one of the spaces had opened up, they needed a priest and remembered my request to be considered.

Consider me they did then. And now, twenty years and over a thousand columns later, I wish to express thanks to the owner, Joe Matt, and my editor, Peggy Moen, our readers and all those whose kind support has made this adventure possible.

And I ask that prayers be offered for my predecessor who blazed the trail, as did others before him, so that we could follow in their venerable steps. Then and now. May he rest in peace!

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