Saturday, August 14, 2021

“So that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed”: Where are all the people who said they wanted a traditional Latin Mass in the Washington area on August 14th?

We’re a mere 40 miles from DC and five people showed up to our August 14 morning Mass at 9 AM for the vigil of the Assumption: plenty of room for more!

Where are the hundreds and hundreds of people who said they wanted to attend a traditional Latin Mass in DC today, and even wrote a second letter requesting the Mass be un-canceled?

According to some reports up to 5000 people were supposed to be descending on DC today, flying and driving in from all over the country.

Perhaps in this time of persecution people will learn to go to a traditional Latin Mass whether or not it’s offered by a bishop or at a prime shrine church location and only just because it’s the traditional prayer of the Latin Mass at which the Lord is always present. He outranks bishops.

Plenty of room for parking!

Self-described “traditional Catholics” will be taken more seriously one day when they no longer give the impression they are attracted to the Mass as a political statement or an occasional spectacle.

“Dóminus scit cogitatiónes hóminum, quóniam vanæ sunt.”


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

But who knew about your Mass, Father? The pontifical Mass was well publicized. I just stumbled on this from Canon212.

Evangeline said...

Oh! That's just heartbreaking, heartbreaking. My eyes have tears, and I'm not much of a crier. How sad, what a statement that makes, it's disheartening. Why do people go?? Let me assure you, there are many in our nation who would love to attend. The TLM, in a basement, with one priest and no music or incense, is far and away more glorious than anything in this world. I do not know what people are thinking, anymore. The remnant is getting smaller all the time.
Deo gratias, for faithful priests who offer the Mass of the Ages! Deo gratias for faithful priests, who are trapped in Novus Ordo, and cannot offer the Mass of the Ages without persecution.

Evangeline said...

And your Mass set-up, it's just lovely. Very beautiful. Thank you for providing the TLM.
As a people, we're in a lot of trouble here. What are our priorities.

Anonymous said...

Hi Father, Thank you for offering the TLM. How many people knew about what you were doing? I didn't hear about it until reading this post. I live in the Shenandoah Valley. Out here, many people are very serious about the TLM. During the lockdowns we attended fairground Masses with the SSPX priests coming 5 hours round trip from the seminary in Dillwyn, VA. Now we have a weekly mass at the mission in Linden. May God bless and expand the Mass of our forefathers. I went to Mass this morning in my little local parish and missed the silence of the TLM, especially after Communion. The music seems more about entertainment than worship. I have to put my fingers in my ears to meditate and visit with Jesus. What times we live in!

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