Thursday, August 26, 2021

My latest: “Empire of the Mask”


Empire Of The Mask

August 26, 2021


Life is now the opposite of a masked ball. At masked balls, the eyes and nose, or upper face, were covered in order to hide the identity of the wearer. The mouth was revealed to enable communication, laughter, eating, facial expression. And safety.

We now have the muzzle. Covering the mouth and nose is not safe and threatens long-term psychological harm, particularly for children. We learn communication, how to love and be loved, by using our words and expressions to communicate the deepest and most beautiful emotions and affections. These transmissions are now completely blocked because they are covered.

It will only be revealed in time how masking has harmed the development of our children. The authorities who imposed the masked mandate won’t be available then to help or offer recourse. The rest of us will have to step in and pick up the pieces of lives, relationships, and marriages harmed by the effects of habitual mask usage.

The world has now awakened and groaned to find itself insane. Masks do not protect health, yet they are now treated in many places as a uniform to a new kind of sinister masked ball that encompasses all of society, or a ticket to participate in public life. A totem, a good luck charm, is very harmful for faith. Imputing power to mere physical objects that belongs only to God is a surrender of faith eclipsed by the evil power of superstition.

Only faith confers life. True life, eternal and beyond this world which is “passing away,” is made possible only by faith.

Doctors have spoken out about how the masks do not stop transmission. The only sure way for those who are afraid to get sick is to stay home. Period. Yet now we have an entire class of hypochondriacs who are demanding that everybody else change their physical behavior, disguise their appearance with a piece of cloth that does not stop disease, to accommodate a mental condition.

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