Thursday, August 19, 2021

My latest: “Colorado Bishops Say Vaccination Must Be Voluntary”

August 19, 2021


A number of Catholics have approached me to ask for my signature on letters requesting an exemption for religious reasons from the COVID vaccine. I’m glad to support the conscience rights of our faithful at a time when lawlessness seems rampant in society, and individual conscience is often trampled with impunity.

For some time now the pattern has been growing of elected officials passing regulations or restrictions without regard to constitutional rights, in particular with regard to reaction to the COVID virus.

The bishops of Colorado, it is worth repeating, have made a significant contribution to defending the rights of Catholics, and all believers, to exercise their right to choose to make their own health-care decisions. Because the vaccine, experimental and morally problematic as it is, involving the use of aborted fetuses, is not morally obligatory for that reason, receiving it must also be voluntary. [Editor’s Note: For a 2020 statement from the U.S. bishops, please visit:]

An age never short of irony, now we see the same people who chant “My body, my rights” when they want to kill another human being inside a pregnant woman’s body, rejecting that same principle in the case of a vaccine, where it truly applies.

The Colorado bishops issued a letter recognizing conscience rights, and also provided a suggested template for a religious exemption request letter.

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