Sunday, August 8, 2021

“Common sense makes clear to us that contradiction is the destruction of truth…”

“Common sense makes it clear to us that contradiction is the destruction of truth, that compromise with error is its denial. To allow a thing to be at one and the same time true and false, is to stultify oneself mentally and morally. To let go the truth once consciously possessed, is the lowest form of moral cowardice; to receive as truth that which is not known to be the truth, is a crime against the human mind. And no official expounder of Divine teachings can allow them to be altered under penalty of making God a liar, God Who is Truth Itself. It is in obedience to this fundamental principle that the Catholic Church as the One true Fold puts forth Unity as one of her marks of Divine origin and remains faithful to it even when men would prefer otherwise. God is not where disorder is; His truth is not where contradiction is. If His revealed Word is still on earth, having been delivered into the keeping of man, it is to be found where the teaching is one, as truth is one and as God is one.”

~Sermon: The Races within the Fold —By the Rev. John H. Stapleton 1921

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