Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Transforming Holy Mother Church into a repressive police state

Apparently it is now official Church policy that the Holy Spirit no longer has the power to sanctify souls through anything which was sacred before 1962. Or only souls of a particular age group.

Now men in Rome will increasingly aggregate power to themselves based purely on their manmade office and reserve the sole authority to determine the presence and movement of the Holy Spirit. The lay baptized faithful are no longer to be trusted with any charism of the work of the Holy Spirit in their works or prayers. They will take strict orders from higher headquarters and must follow only the artificial on the spot products scribbled on cafe napkins around 1965.

The new letter coming from Rome to restrict the traditional Latin Mass appears to have a “grandfather clause” of sorts:

“In its present form, communities and diocesan priests who already offer the Mass in the Extraordinary Form may continue to do so, but diocesan clergy who wish to begin offering the Traditional Mass would have to obtain authorization. Whether local bishops or the Holy See will be responsible for granting such permissions is still under discussion.”

The police state under capo Francesco will be closely monitoring any slight risk of falling back into the hated tradition predating 1962. That's NOT the Holy Spirit!

If you plan to ever have access in parish life to the traditional Mass you had better start offering this essential prayer of Christ, source and summit, immediately or you might never do so at all.

Read more from Diana Montagna on the upcoming document which will basically gut Summorum Pontificum and force the Church backward into conditions under the previous more restrictive Ecclesia Dei procedures.

Pope's Plan to Restrict Traditional Latin Mass Backed by Two Curial Cardinals

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