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My latest: “Unscientific to Eliminate God”

Unscientific To Eliminate God

June 17, 2021


In the book, Repairing the Breach, the authors John M. Wynne and Stephen A. Wynne track the work of scientists, as well as thinkers of all kinds, behind what has come to be known as “intelligent design” and other intellectual inroads against the accepted default position today in academe and institutions generally in favor of evolution and against creation.

Their deconstruction of evolutionary theories originating with Darwin revisit and refashion the roots of modern thought and life. The consequences of their counter-revolutionary revisionism impact the lives of all of us, and especially our children being formed to accept or reject the faith of their parents.

Is the battle simply between creationists and evolutionists, which can conclude only with one side claiming total victory over the other? Or is the reality more complicated?

Pius XII taught us about the priorities for the Church within the study of human origins in a document, Humani Generis, which made clear what we are to believe about the subject based on Revelation, which cannot be altered. Over other areas the Church remains silent, giving science its proper scope in which to operate within its area of competence.

Scientists, as recounted in Repairing the Breach, independently came to an agreement which unintentionally aligned with the teaching of the Pope. They determined that it was “unscientific” to eliminate God from theories about the origin of man and the universe.

Among other demonstrations to back up their work, they mathematically excluded the theory of the random building of cells. With the tools of science they debunked the fraud of autonomy and certitude in science. Many of our readers have already become familiar with these theories. Their proponents are brought together in a single source in the volume previously mentioned which was recommended to me by a medical doctor.

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