Monday, June 14, 2021

Exploiting the complex ritual etiquette of the COVID religion to get big on Twitter

So much not to miss on Twitter. It’s an elaborate gotcha game where now one tries to out-virtue the others by being the first to find ever more complex rituals surrounding the mask and the vaxx connected with, of course, attending Mass.

Here is one of the experts at the game who got the blue check early on who lives in San Francisco and knows someone who knows someone who knows “Jack” the apostate Catholic who controls the twittering.

This is one of the many “Catholic” individuals who rushed, along with Gloria Purvis, to exploit a situation involving a priest you know getting “ratioed” because supporting modest dress at Mass by publicly kicking the priest to the curb via Twitter. 

He apologized privately afterward. 

Tiresome. Predictable. Forgettable.

My current Twitter profile where I have not posted for over a year:

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