Thursday, June 10, 2021

My latest: “Grave Neglect To Avoid Abortion-Communion Debate”


There is nothing to debate.

Abortion is killing and a grave moral evil, thus supporting it is also gravely wrong and sinful.

Communion is for the growth in grace for those in a state of grace. A person who supports abortion is not in a state of grace. Confession is the sacrament of which Catholics who are pro-abortion stand in need. Not Communion.

So, there’s actually nothing to debate. (See p. 1A for an update on the bishops’ plans for their June meeting.) But, because in the sad state of the Church today bishops are divided, the debate is about whether to stop debating about giving Communion to pro-abortion politicians. The bishops’ inaction, and in some cases their active cooperation, has given birth to the pro-abortion Catholic President Biden who takes Communion at Holy Mass.

Up until now the cancer of Catholic apostasy coupled with hypocrisy had risen only to the level of Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. She isn’t in the news quite as often as the single most powerful man in the world who lives in the White House.

Bishops have dithered over many other cases like hers over the years. All the while so-called Catholic politicians like Pelosi laugh all the way to the victory podium following election after election by securing the very important Catholic Democrat swing vote.
The collusion of weak and feckless bishops has enabled these imposters.

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