Thursday, March 10, 2011

Please sponsor the Morrill Family in the "Believe in Tomorrow" Port to Fort 6k Run/Family Walk

Here I share a note from Colleen Morrill inviting support for a worthy cause. Please consider answering her request for assistance. Thank you.


(Please read all the way to the end)

Our family is taking part in the Believe In Tomorrow's 15th Annual Port to Fort 6k Run/Family Walk to raise money for Believe In Tomorrow National Childrens Foundation, Inc.

In 2007 while Landon was going through his bone marrow transplant at Johns Hopkins, it was required that we live with in 20 mins of the hospital. We were blessed to have been able to stay at the Believe in Tomorrow house at St. Casmir, in Canton, not only did they provide a beautiful apartment in a good neighborhood, stores in walking distance.. they also provided a school, Father Kolbe Catholic School, for our daughter Gracie to go to..what a relief it was to know that we could be together. It was during this stressful time that our situation could have been much more chaotic. But because of the generosity of this organization we were able to stay together. We were also blessed to have stayed at the vacation retreat housing, one in Bethany Beach and the other at Wisp Mountain. What this organization is doing is more than providing respite housing. They are keeping families together. They take in complete strangers at a time, when their children are fighting for their life...making them comfortable and including them as a part of a community. A large city.. that us outsiders might find intimidating. I don't believe that you can put a price tag on that kindness and compassion. However, money is required keep these respite homes up and running. I am asking anyone who would like to join our team to do so by enrolling on line.. you do not have to run..there is a group of us that are walking. I am asking everyone if you can.. donate what you can. Also forward this link and ask family and friends on e-mail and facebook to please donate in memory of Landon Morrill to team Green Beans. You never know when it could be you or a loved one that may be in need of the kindness of a charitable organization such as Believe in Tomorrow.

Green Beans! \/

*** TO JOIN THE TEAM and to DONATE: copy and paste or click on link below, it will take you to our main page. Where it says: Story - Non-profit- Event- Team click on Team to donate and register***

You can donate online with a credit card. All donations are secure and sent directly to Believe In Tomorrow National Children's Foundation, Inc. by FirstGiving, who will email you a printable record of your donation.

Please send my page on to anyone who might like to donate!

Love, Colleen

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