Monday, March 14, 2011

Contact Your State Senator to Stop Unnecessary Credit Checks by Employers

Contact Your State Senator to Stop Unnecessary Credit Checks by Employers

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Support the Job Applicant Fairness Act - SB 132
Issue: Did you know that 60% of employers use credit history checks as a tool in their pre-employment screening, even if the information has no relation to the job? And there is no correlation between poor credit and successful job performance.
Credit reports were never designed to determine job worthiness - rather they were designed to determine creditworthiness. In the next day or two, the Maryland State Senate will debate and vote on SB 132, the Job Applicant Fairness Act. Urge your senator to support this bill and stop unnecessary credit checks by employers.
In these trying economic times, many Marylanders are experiencing financial hardship, which negatively impacts their credit. They shouldn't be hindered from honest hard work because of a bad credit report.
SB 132 would limit employers' use of credit screenings. At the same time though, under certain circumstances, it still would allow employers such as financial institutions or investment advisors, or employers' required by law to conduct credit checks on job applicants to do so.
Action: Please contact your state senator today and ask him or her to support SB 132, which would limit employers' use of credit checks in hiring. Click the blue "Take Action!" link near the top right corner of the page or click here now. Thank you for your support.
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