Saturday, March 19, 2011

"He led them up": the journeys of life and the pilgrimage to Eternity

As the weather becomes warm again and invites us outdoors we begin to think of the journeys we might take to new places or old familiar and favorite retreats during the Easter vacation and summer months. I am now in my final days of training for a journey by foot of 26.2 miles in next week's National Marathon. The path that leads me to that event took the form of a series of smaller outings by foot up hills and down to prepare the body and mind for the daunting physical challenge ahead.

Many of our journeys promise adventure and entice us with the promise of new people to meet and new experiences to enjoy. And when we finally arrive at our destination we are sometimes tempted to leave our ordinary existence behind and to say with Peter: "this is very good; let's pitch our tents and stay a while". But, as is true of everything in this world, even the most beautiful and happiest moments of our lives are short and fleeting. Our mountaintops of joy are set off from each other by the valleys of everyday life and even sometimes by sorrow.

For the complete text of the homily for the Second Sunday of Lent, please visit Meeting Christ in the Liturgy.

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