Friday, January 22, 2010

"Is Scott Brown good for us?"

Dear CatholicVote Member,

The news is still sinking in.

The people of Massachusetts ignited a political firestorm
on Tuesday by electing Scott Brown to the seat vacated by the late
Senator Kennedy.

CatholicVote did not endorse Brown, nor did we urge voters to elect
him. Instead we fired back at
Martha Coakleys assault on Catholic doctors and nurses with phone
calls to nearly 200,000 people in Massachusetts.

But many rightly are asking if Scott Brown supports abortion, is
CatholicVote happy that he was elected? Let me explain.

First, Senator-elect Scott Brown opposes using taxpayer funds
for abortion, opposes partial-birth abortion, and supports other laws
that would provide parents and women notice, counseling, and
information prior to an abortion. But his opponent Martha Coakley was
proudly 100% pro-abortion.

Scott Brown is certainly not an ideal candidate. After all, he
supports Roe v. Wade! So the question must be asked -- how should
faithful Catholics, Christians, and dedicated
activists that want to build a culture of life respond -- how do we fit in?

Do you remember the S word?

The s word is subsidiarity. And Scott Browns win was a victory for
subsidiarity a key principle of Catholic social doctrine, and a
foundational principle of American self-government.

The surge that propelled Scott Brown into office was argely
a response to Congress overreach on health care. Americans of both
political parties, and huge numbers of independents elected Scott
Brown because of what he represents a chance to stop the government
first reform crusade. And because Scott Brown was elected, the health
care reform debacle may finally be stopped.

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