Saturday, January 23, 2010

1993 Conference for 25th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae: Together in the cause for Human Life

I ran into a friend at the March for Life yesterday who collaborated with me on a conference in 1993 held to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae. He informed me that he has been uploading his videos of the conference to YouTube and I found some of those videos this morning.

I thank him as I invite you to take a little trip down "Pro-Life Lane" together with me. You can find the videos on the "Casepres" channel on YouTube by clicking here or by using some of the links I provide below.

The illustrious Mary Ellen Bork served as moderator for the conference and we enjoyed hearing the thoughts of people like Dr Haas, Bob and Jerry Laird, Mary Shivanandan and others.

- A talk by Dr. Haas.

- Doctors May, Irving and Shivanandan take questions from the audience.

- Rev. Rory Conley, Church historian, talks about how the promulgation of Humanae Vitae affected the life of the Church in Washington in 1968 and after.

- Part II of Father Conley's talk.

- Yours truly shares the contents of a letter from the famous "Xavier Rynne" on the subject of a supposed conflict between the teaching of Humanae Vitae on the methods of contraception and the same subject in the teaching of Pope John Paul II.

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