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Pope Francis Talks Nonsense

Pope Francis has spoken openly about the agenda he has brought to the papacy. He credits it as the game plan of certain cardinals, claiming he’s only doing what they wanted. But he certainly cannot be speaking about all the cardinals who were present at the 2013 conclave. He is a foresworn agent of the Sankt Gallen mafia.  The evidence is overwhelming. Simply read the eponymous book by Julia Meloni where all the connections are demonstrated by what is, mostly, publicly available evidence. The cardinals who have for years worked to undermine Christ have spoken openly. The cardinals who oppose the Sankt Gallen agenda can be easily identified by the fact they have been systematically purged from any occupation or influence within the Vatican. See Burke, Sarah, Muller and more like them. Pell, may he rest in peace, was jailed based on false accusations.

So, yes: we know the substance of the agenda, which is driven by evil. A fore-ordained programmatic ecclesial demolition through an agent of the Church’s longtime mortal enemies of her teaching on marriage and human life. This is the last stage of the revolution which dawned long before Vatican II through various Marxists and Communist revolutions together with freemasonry. All of the academic work has been done on this subject. Now we have front row seats for observing its end-game.

Our Lady at Fatima prophesied that the battle for marriage and family would be the final stage of the world’s rebellion against God. Philip Kosloski reported on it for Aleteia:

Our Lady of Fatima’s original private revelations looked grimly at the world, prophesying both death and destruction. One of the visionaries, Sr. Lucia, later revealed to an Italian cardinal that there would be a ‘final battle’ over marriage and the family.

Cardinal Carlo Caffarra revealed these prophetic words in an interview with Aleteia in 2017, explaining how he had received a handwritten note from Sr. Lucia.

The letter ended, saying (in 1983 or 1984): Father, a time will come when the decisive battle between the kingdom of Christ and Satan will be over marriage and the family. And those who will work for the good of the family will experience persecution and tribulation. But do not be afraid, because Our Lady has already crushed his head.’

Cardinal Caffarra believed these words of Sr. Lucia were being fulfilled in our present age, especially with the horrors of abortion and the legalization of homosexual marriage.

Soros is heavily involvedand may in fact be the primary one pulling the strings behind the Vatican’s betrayal of John Paul II and Benedict XVI’s pro-family and pro-life legacy. But he’s not the only one. Follow the money trail and contraception, abortion and transgender campaigns to undermine marriage and life under the "moral crusade" to save the globe by changing the weather. Bill Gates, vaccines, population control, etc., make up the trail of crumbs going all the way back to Margaret Sanger and diabolic evil-death spawn of Planned Parenthood.

Interesting that the oligarch globalists and their fellow travelers are always talking about getting rid of everybody else. If they think we need less humans and that assisted suicide is so good, I’d like to know why haven’t they started with themselves already?

The toxic Church-killing agenda has all been given the attempted legitimacy of papal documents. The recipe is predictable: lots of normal sounding Catholic verbage with just a tiny drop of cyanide thrown in. Sufficient to legitimize fueling the fore-ordained agenda.

Amoris Laetita – adultery and fornication “blessed” by sacrilegious and useless conferral of holy Communion. Destroy marriage and family through relativizing contrary behavior as an “alternative lifestyle”. One form of fornication, natural though it be, easily leads to approval of the unnatural version of sodomy.

Fratelli Tutti – freemasonry and feel-good universal brotherhood as a substitute for the Christian gifts of supernatural, sacramental charity and grace.

Fiducia supplicans – Insisting that two pesons presenting themselves as homosexual/LGBTQ "couples" cannot be blessed individually, just like everyone else in the Church who isn’t part of a sacramental marriage between one man and one woman. Special status? Why? 

And now, women’s diaconate: Francis’ plan to quickly hollow out the priesthood and the holy Mass. This is currently being floated as I write through subservient media toadies via social media buzz.

pre determined gutting of the Church and her teaching to destroy and undermine the deposit of faith. Once the Church is indistinguishable from every other NGO on the face of planet earth all that’s needed is to decide who will turn off the lights as the last one out of the building. Irrelevance is the end goal.

Pope Francis uses “my magisterium” to proffer the lie that magisterium”, or teaching authority, belongs to any one pope, rather than simply  being a matter of the truth prior to and above any and all popes from first to last. The teaching of Christ never had any one pope’s name on it. Neither Peter, nor Pius X, nor Pacelli. And not Francis, either.

Unfortunate that traveling popes and media hype created the illusion in the minds of many Catholics that a Pope is bigger than the truth, than the Church, than Jesus Christ. Which is the fallacy that Francis is attempt to foist on a severely uncatechetized Church.

The “rock star” papacy was a temporary hallucinogenic high that never translated into long term mature Christian faith. I received holy Communion from, and later concelebrated with, Pope John Paul II and met Benedict XVI, both inestimable graces, but it was the books of the latter that had the most long-term effect in regard to strengthening my faith. Interesting that title “Vicar of Christ”, which puts the pope in his proper role as servant of Christ and truth, is Francis’ least favorite. Such that he had it struck from the Annuario Pontificio. Hide the truth, deny the name of Christ and substitute an alien agenda for the faith.

Marxism is behind both the virtue-signaling of BLM and antifa as well as the undermining of truth in the Church. All of the forces aligned against life and the family also need to take out the Church which, under John Paul II and Benedict XVI had begun somewhat to fight back under a growing realization that the revolution had only increasingly taken root in the Church beginning before Vatican II, and which used the Council as cover in an attempt to baptize its destructive and ultimately evil agenda.

Catholics are pushing back. See the colossal and continuing rejection of Fiducia supplicans from bishops world-wide as evidence that this globalist and oligarch papacy has run its course and is out of steam. And the desperation of a pope obviously on the losing side of history is evident in his nonsensical talk of equating blessing same-sex couples with doing so for a dishonest businessman.

Father Peter Ryan, SJ, put it well:

“First, to bless the businessman is to bless an individual. By contrast, ‘LGBT blessings’ does not refer to the blessing of individuals. Rather, Fiducia Supplicans is about ‘blessing couples in irregular situations and same-sex couples.’

“Second, to bless this businessman is to bless someone who perhaps exploits people. If he does, he may or may not be aware of it, and if he is aware of it, he may or may not intend to continue the exploitation despite the blessing. One hopes that if he is aware of exploiting people, the blessing becomes the occasion of his following the example of Zacchaeus, who responded beautifully to the blessing of having Jesus in his home: ‘Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor; and if I have defrauded anyone of anything, I restore it fourfold’(Lk 19:8)

Cardinal Muller has perhaps delivered the final eulogy over this papacy when he recently said that Pope Francis has “lapsed into paganism”. Perhaps the “dishonest merchant” is the one dressed in white in the Vatican, peddling nonsense instead of the Gospel.


(Father Cusick is a weekly columnist with The Wanderer Catholic Newspaper.)






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