Thursday, November 24, 2022

My latest column: “When All Seems Lost”

 November 24, 2022


As I look around and survey the general situation, things seem very bleak, as I’m sure they do also for many others. The world is at war, fighting and killing consuming lives, as well as livelihoods, homes, and wealth. Civilization is lost under the rubble as barbarism reigns. A war is waged in the womb as well as outside the womb, taking many lives every day. Poverty and hunger afflict so many. Inequity is a challenge for those who have yet to share more consistently with those who have not.

Politics seems ever to be a tearing down that overwhelms all attempts at building up. The current and rhythm of rise and fall, surge and ebb is a constant. More elections lost. Perhaps stolen. Evil forces seem to ever gain more worldly power. Abortion protections, fourth-trimester abortion and constitutional amendments have now passed in five states. Both parties in Congress are destroying marriage and family by advancing a “same-sex marriage” bill.

The enemy seems to be advancing in so many ways, using politics, using Church leaders to advance an evil agenda. There are many who urge us to see things differently, to close our eyes, to pretend everything is fine.

What hurts most is the ongoing attempt to destroy the Church on the part of those who have charge of protecting and defending her. Cardinal Mueller describes it as a “hostile takeover” of the Church by means of the endless synods. Bishop Mutsaerts in Holland has publicly condemned the “Synod on Synodality,” now extended through 2024. As reported by LifeSiteNews, he stated, “God is out of the picture in this vile synodal process,” adding that “the Holy Spirit has absolutely nothing to do with it.” He went on to say:

“Among the protagonists of this process are to me a few too many defenders of gay marriage, folks who don’t really think abortion is a problem and never really show themselves defenders of the Church’s rich creed, wanting above all to be liked by their secular surroundings.

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