Saturday, November 19, 2022

A warning to traditional Catholics

Be aware of the danger of morally transgressive young men, who are attracted to traditional communities because of the seeming glamour of rebellion and who use these groups to both propagate their vices and attempt to conceal them from targeted females and their families. Through text messages and in other online social fora they share ideations of sexual, mental or emotional violation, along with other issues attendant upon abnormal psychology. 

They move from community to community as they are discovered and forced to confront themselves. Rather than deal as a man with their transgressions in the Church with the means Christ provides they engage in avoidance behavior. This includes separating and isolating other traditionally sympathetic Catholics in order to continue to act out and/or avoid confronting their moral failings while surrounding themselves with the illusion of social acceptance and association.

One of the signs these individuals are at work is their effort to encourage the sin of schism by using episcopal sin, heresy, scandal or the novus ordo Mass as an excuse. Again, this is done with separation and isolation as an objective.

They prey in particular on individuals frightened by scandal and sin and who may already be self-isolating out of excessive fear and disgust.

Sometimes, as we tragically know all too well, some of these young men find their way into the priesthood.

Saint Catherine of Siena, pray for us.

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