Saturday, July 2, 2022

Yet more hypocrisy: “there is room in the Church for all.”

Pope Francis:

“Let us open the doors, it is the Lord who calls. [. . .] A Church without chains and without walls, in which all can feel welcome and accompanied, in which the art of listening, of dialogue, of participation is cultivated, under the sole authority of the Holy Spirit. A free and humble Church, which rises fast,” which doesn’t postpone, which doesn’t accumulate delays in face of the challenges of the present, which doesn’t stay in sacred enclosures, but which lets herself be animated by the passion of the proclamation of the Gospel and the desire to reach all and to welcome all. Let us not forget this word — all. All! Go to the crossroads and bring all: the blind, deaf, lame, sick, just, sinners – all, all! This word of the Lord must resonate in the mind and heart –all; there is room in the Church for all.”

This said with Nancy Pelosi in the room, shortly before she received Communion in defiance of her Archbishop

Meanwhile, Catholics who aren’t banned from Communion are being kicked out of churches because of a Mass preference. (See Traditionis custodes) 

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