Thursday, July 14, 2022

My latest column: “Birth UntoThis Life And The Next”

 Birth Unto This Life And The Next

July 14, 2022


As I turned 60 this year I welcomed priests, natal and parish family, friends, and neighbors to an evening low Mass followed by dinner at our parish hall. These were my remarks for the homily at Mass:

We all celebrate birthdays and all of them are important. Each of our lives is significant in the Lord’s sight. I am humbled by your presence here this evening to celebrate my natal anniversary with Holy Mass, by which we praise and thank our Lord for this and every blessing, and for our meal together afterward to enjoy each other’s company. Thank you for your love and prayers, your spiritual friendship, on this occasion and always.

All of us mark the passage of time with a variety of responses and emotions. Hopefully they are all followed by a resignation mixed with some serenity. The day of birth takes on annual significance for these kind of reflections. We look back but we must also look forward.

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