Thursday, January 27, 2022

My latest column: “Transgendering the Mass”


Transgendering The Mass

January 27, 2022


What is not of necessity has an extraneous agenda. Or a malign purpose.

Sex matters: “God made them male and female.” Our sexuality is not a secondary characteristic. It is constitutive of the person and enters into all we do. When a woman does anything, it is the act of a person who is a woman, a feminine action. And likewise for a man.

The sexuality of the acting person is manifested by the words and deeds, thoughts and actions along with the entire person who thinks, acts, and who speaks, never as an afterthought. The idea of neutral gender is pure fantasy, nonexistent in the human species.

Feminism brings with it the ideology that anything men do which is not also accessible to women is an injustice to be corrected. This is why we have the phenomenon of the “first woman pilot” or the first infantry or armor soldier, roles formerly limited to men. It is why we also have women dying in these roles. Sometimes the pressure and haste to right a perceived wrong and experience the excitement of seeing something new supplants the proper training and examination needed to ensure thoroughness and safety.

No one seems to be troubled that men cannot have babies. That never comes up in arguments about the injustice of denying some roles to some human beings. Thus the one-sidedness of feminism is exposed. Breaking glass ceilings is not truly about justice but rather the imperious will which must have whatever it wants regardless of the consequences.

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