Monday, April 5, 2021

The best and the brightest aren’t following the lead of the boss

Take one look at this priest offering holy Mass outdoors at a Mass rock on a remote island in Ireland, where Mass is once again illegal inside a church building, and tell me if you think he’s following the lead of corrupt and anti-Christ Rome.

Whatever you may choose to conclude, it is clear that the Church’s best and brightest are definitely not taking their cues from the higher ups in Rome and elsewhere.

The future of the Church is looking real good as far as I can see.

Happy Easter! 

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Mary Conces said...

Dear Father,
I read your column in the April 15 Wanderer,& wanted to find out more about this heroic priest. Before I connected to your blog, I googled Father Quirk Mass in Ireland. If I’d wanted to, I could have learned a lot about a 19th Century Fr. Thomas Quirk—or another Irish priest who was recently fined for saying Mass. Nothing came up about this priest, though. Hmm.
“Thank you for sharing,” as they say.

Thank you for visiting.


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