Wednesday, April 21, 2021

“Systemic racism” is an injustice of indictment like spraying bullets indiscriminately into a crowded room

Racism exists. Injustice exists. All of us should fight it. First of all in ourselves. Never make judgments based on appearances. “Love one another”.

Fight all injustice, to include racism.

Saying that racism is systemic, however, is indicting our neighbors indiscriminately, including those who are innocent. Which is another injustice.

Using such a phrase systematically is like spraying bullets into a room full of people, none of whom deserve to be judged guilty without a chance to defend themselves. Or change for the better, with help encouragement and prayer.

Doesn’t our Christian faith forbid judging. What happened to “Who am I to judge?” Or is that only for cases of sexual sin?

I meet good people all the time. I see how they demonstrate their love and care for everyone without regard to race, creed, or social status.

Build on the good, work to overcome evil, pray. But don’t judge entire groups of people and entire countries as guilty without evidence.

Don’t we believe good is systemic? Isn’t that what we mean by grace?

Kyrie, eleison.

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