Friday, April 9, 2021

Cardinal Burke: Biden is an excommunicated former Catholic


Conscience of Church: Biden Is an Excommunicated Former Catholic

A Catholic who publicly and obstinately opposes the faith and morals may not receive Communion, nor may a priest give it to him, Cardinal Raymond Burke wrote in an April 7 statement on pro-abortion politicians.

Burke doesn't mention names, however, the most notorious “Catholic” pro-abortion politicians are US president Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Those who publicly violate the moral law are in a state of apostasy, and an apostate incurs automatic excommunication, Burke explains.

He adds that this person is also in heresy who incurs automatic excommunication if he obstinately denies that abortion is an intrinsic evil as taught by divine and Catholic faith.

With the progressive downfall of Francis' pontificate, Cardinal Burke has become the conscience of the Catholic Church.

Picture: Raymond Burke, #newsQxykrdhyjw

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