Saturday, February 12, 2011

"I fulfill the law": some disappointed in love and marriage blame the Church when in fact it is the law of Christ with which they disagree

As Saint Valentine's Day approaches those with significant others are sometimes shrilly reminded, not necessarily by their "Valentine", that they had better send chocolates, flowers or a card to the object of their love if they want such person to remain that way. The commercialization of love around this time of year is amusing to many and perhaps some are grateful for the reminder to send a sign of their affection to a loved one.

But there others who, during these days of celebration of the affairs of the heart, are reminded of Valentines loved and lost, perhaps even finding themselves bitter in a state of disappointment and disillusionment. These include the not insignificant numbers of those with failed marriages which we are told increases with time. Divorce is always a tragedy and those who suffer it must be approached with pastoral solicitude and lovingly supported in every way possible in the Christian community. The truth, however, must also be spoken with regard to the difficulty of their situation, for this too is the ministry of the love of Christ.

For the full text of the homily for the Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time please click here to visit Meeting Christ in the Liturgy.

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