Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bronx Planned Parenthood Underage Sex Trafficking Coverup

O’Reilly Producer: "Do you condone the behavior on the tape of one of your employees in the Bronx excusing and covering up underage sex trafficking? Your ok with that?"

Planned Parenthood VP Stuart Schear: "We firmly believe that the edited, the tape from the Bronx is doctored."

O’Reilly Producer: "You haven’t seen the tape have you?"

Planned Parenthood VP Stuart Schear: "I can take, I will, I would like to -"

O’Reilly Producer: "Have you seen the tape?"

Planned Parenthood VP Stuart Schear: "I actually have not seen the whole tape yet."

And the full tape isn’t hard to find. There is a link at the top left of the abridged version to the full, unedited tape. This link is there for the entire video. If you play the video below, you can see the link to the full footage at the top left.

See video at:

From Live Action.

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