Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Great Disrupter: Man is not the "Lord of Marriage"

Laws heaped from earth to heaven and beyond will never make what is not marriage to be marriage.

We recently learned that the Department of Justice, at the direction of "higher ups", will no longer defend the constitutionality of marriage as we know it.

This colossal failure born of a profound lack of moral conviction, and the timidity which is its symptom, is merely a sign of the times.

The pride with which man speaks as if he is the "lord of marriage", however, is a hubris of a completely new species. Never before has man or woman used the law, to impose by fiat a simulation upon everyone and madly insist that all, under force of law, act, think, speak or otherwise live as if the simulation and the reality which it mimics are exactly the same thing. This is what the law and those who create it now propose to do with the particular bodily expression of love that is given only to man for woman and to woman for man for the sake of the life they form together as a covenant around this particular love only they can share and the children with which they may be blessed as cooperators with God.

But man will use the law to compel others to conform to his mad follies. And thus there are prisons and those who are thrown into them for witnessing to the immemorial truths of natural moral law and fundamental justice.

First they said human life in the womb was unconstitutional through legalized abortion. Now they declare marriage undefendable.

When will they declare you and me unconstitutional? And, when they do, will there be anyone left to stand up for us?

And I say this again: Catholics and other Christians who use the word "marriage" or "wedding" to describe what is NOT so, what is a simulation of marriage or an unnatural union, are opposers of the truth! They are opposers of Christ and His Church!


Click Here to Urge your Member of Congress to Uphold the Law of The Land on Marriage

Urge Congress to Do What The President Will Not
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Dear friend,

On Wednesday, in a political move designed to pander to his liberal political base, President Obama announced that his Department of Justice will not defend a court challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) -- a law that was overwhelmingly enacted by Congress and signed by President Bill Clinton. The provision of the law currently under attack simply defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman for federal purposes.

President Obama's Justice Department has a constitutional obligation to defend federal law, even when he disagrees with the law. The Constitution requires that President Obama "shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed." By failing to defend DOMA, he is not satisfying this constitutional requirement. What will be the next law that he chooses not to enforce or uphold?

Now that President Obama has tossed aside this federal law, it is up to Congress to intervene and defend DOMA. Congress will be under political pressure from the far Left to leave the issue alone, but with inaction, Congress would join the President in his dereliction of duty.

Please urge your Member of Congress to stand up for the Defense of Marriage Act by supporting a resolution that authorizes Congress to intervene in the ongoing litigation challenging DOMA.

Click Here to Urge your Member of Congress to Uphold the Law of The Land on Marriage


Tony Perkins

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