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Homosex: US Archbishop Wants Baptism Without Faith

The homosexualist John Wester, 71, Archbishop of Santa Fe, New Mexico, writes on homosexual outlet (31 July) that [surrogate or adopted] children of homosexuals should be baptised even though they are raised in homosex ideology and not in the Christian faith.

Putting faith aside, Wester describes the church's attitude as "hospitality", "openness" and "welcome" - which would be a fitting description for a pleasure house. Not turning the church into such an institution and not baptising regardless of faith would not be "open-minded" and even "disturbing" for him.

Wester's trick works as follows. First he caricatures marriage as "the ideal family" [which it never was and never will be]. Then he uses this unrealistic ideal to solicit understanding for dysfunctional families and divorce, forgetting his "ideal family".

He knows that homosexual unions are denied baptism because they cannot raise their child in the Catholic faith. On the one hand, he does not agree with this explanation, on the other hand, he admits that homosexual concubinates "cannot live up to the understanding of marriage intended by God" [but by the devil?].

His solution: he insists on the child's baptism and not on the parents' willingness to follow "all" the Church's teachings on marriage. It escapes him that sacraments without faith are a form of superstition.

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Anonymous said...

The poor children. I refrained from baptizing my grandchildren myself because it would produce a real spiritual effect in them that would not be maintained by my son and his wife. How could I condemn these little ones to a life where sin is compounded by sin as they grow?
My hope and prayer is that they come to Christ in baptism themselves as they grow and mature. I can guide them. I also pray my son and his wife regain the faith they have abandoned along the way.

Baptizing a child whose homosexual "parents" have no intention of raising in the faith seems to me, at any rate, to deny the spiritual reality that exists.

I wonder if some even believe there is Someone beyond our senses.

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