Thursday, August 25, 2022

The Federal Takeover Of Colleges Through Paying Off Student Loans


So the regime is implementing student loan “forgiveness.” Which is to say, it’s having you through your taxes pay the loans of students, so the students pay less, or nothing.

To pay the students is to pay the colleges, at one remove. So this is paying colleges for taking in students they shouldn’t have, and at highly inflated rates. For if there were no loans, the colleges could not have charged anything even close to the rates they did charge.

And if they couldn’t have charged those exorbitant rates, they couldn’t have hired their hordes of DIE zampolit. They couldn’t have cut back on regular professors and swapped them with itinerant adjuncts, which further boosted the power of administrators.

And they couldn’t have necessarily dumbed down college. This is because the greater proportion of kids who attend,  necessarily the more towards the average the intelligence of students becomes. Once (most) every kid is made to go to college, like they are now forced to go to high school, college will become, intellectually, a gray goo, with “degrees” having exactly the same value high schools diplomas now have.

This, in turn, will discourage high schools from having to try as hard, since (most) every kid must attend college. College students will become even dumber, forcing colleges to dumb down content even more. 

Colleges, most of them, will be federalized to a greater extent. Thus subject to the whims of Experts and rulers.

Pretty soon after this takeover, most peer-reviewed research will be like this peer-reviewedresearch—the irony of the subject will not be lost on regular readers:

A friend of ours Nick Capaldi, whom we have met before, submitted this brief op-ed to the WSJ (at the time of writing, I don’t know whether it was accepted there, and Nick gave us permission to post here).

The rest:

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