Friday, August 12, 2022

It is NOT God’s will to forbid the traditional Latin Mass

It is Bergoglio’s will and his alone to penalize, restrict, forbid, and attempt to prevent the holy Mass of the Ages. Period.

It is always against God‘s will to forbid anything sacred handed down through the power of the Holy Spirit in the holy Church. Here we have not only something sacred, but the most sacred gift in the Church, which is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, handed down to us in our tradition from Christ Himself.

Christ Himself comes to us in the Sacrament of His Body and Blood through the holy Mass which He Himself instituted.

God does not contradict himself and, thus, God never has, never will and does not now, forbid the traditional Latin Mass. This is not a holy act; it is the will of man and contrary to the will of God.

Our Lord is the source of unity, and our Lord comes to us through the holy Mass, thus the Mass is never a source of disunity.

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