Saturday, October 16, 2021

WARNING AND CONDEMNATION OF CATHOLICFAMILY.NET is inviting people to make online confessions and submit their sins through a portal and then wait for a priest to respond.

Do not ever, under any circumstances, email, post or submit sins on a website such as; this is a condemned and sacrilegious practice. It is a simulation, and the church does not simulate sacraments.

Confession can only be celebrated, as is true for all the other sacraments, in person with a validly ordained priest who intends to do what the church does.

I condemn and this post (Use link only to warn others. Do not submit any information to this portal.)


Again, there is no such thing as “online confessions”, the sacrament of confession must be practiced only in person with a validly ordained priest, who intends to do that what the church does, and only then are you assured of the seal which protects the content, the matter of your confession, which is the species and number of your sins.

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