Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Italian ER doctor: I see a deathvaxx adverse effect on every shift, a “silent and dutiful” massacre is happening and medical minds are too twisted to see it

The 118 doctor breaks the silence: "On the most fragile, the anti-Covid vaccine is the lethal weapon"

CDC exclusive interview with ambulance doctor "the death rate from adverse effects is 70%" a real killing, covered up by doctors who do not report, for agnosia and uncritical belief in drugs. Because from the bites they earn double, while the 118 is progressively dismantled.

By Marco Di Mauro, Raffaele Varvara, Lucien B ô le-Richard for ComeDon Quixote

All walls, even the most solid, sooner or later crumble. Even that of silence. And when it happens, we realize that one person, only one, was enough to remain human. The person who testified to us what you are about to read is a highly experienced 118 doctor, you may have seen her in one of the many television clips, dressed as a diver to support those left to wait for death with sips of paracetamol , or crossed in the street while going with sirens blaring. It is true, many doctors' voices have been raised against the blackmail of compulsory vaccination since the beginning of the year, but never before has a real insider been exposed ,one of those who daily treats both cases of Covid and those of adverse effects from vaccines. One that really lives in hospitals, in contact with everything the media hide from us, starting with the fact that these anti-Covid "vaccines" are lethal for the most fragile. Yes, the very ones on which the third doses are being done right now. What he told us sadly confirms our worst expectations: we hope it will be the first step to talk about the vaccination campaign as a real state massacre, the worst in Italian history. Because it's not about one, two or three bombs, they've poisoned millions of people here forever. In addition to an almost total occupation of hospitals by private lobbyists, which will soon lead to the dismantling of the public emergency service, 118.And the fact that there are doctors likethis person , who have not let themselves be silenced by the fear of losing their caste privileges, who have not accepted uncritically the passage of medicine from science in the service of man to man in the service of science, fills our hearts with pride. And it makes us feel lucky to have met, in the darkest part of this night of civilization, a real doctor.

MD Doctor , what are the most troubling events you have witnessed during your 118 service from January 2021 to today?

They started by changing the words. Previously, those with previous illnesses were defined as “at risk”, which clearly denoted the fact that a whole series of drugs or treatments that were suitable for a healthy person, put these subjects at risk of serious adverse reactions. On the basis of the clinical history of the individual subject, the degree of risk with respect to the intake of a certain substance was established. Today there are no longer people at risk: they havecreated a very wide category that includes everyone, and includes various pathologies, i“Fragile”, like glasses and plates. This change of terms has completely reversed the situation: the frail go away with a breath of wind, they must be protected and immunized as soon as possible and before everyone else, and any drug, even experimental and dangerous, is fine for them. The “frail” group includes all those who had previous pathologies, such as diabetics, hypertension, cardiac, kidney and liver patients. In my experience as an emergency doctor I have found with certainty that "fragile" subjects , who have an organism already intoxicated, when they receive Covid vaccines go immediately to the other world. Or at least, it is difficult for them not to go there.

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