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My latest: “Great Reset” Targets Christians

September 30, 2021


Westerners accepted the promise of “freedom” with contraception, abortion, and pornography in the 1960s. Now they are accepting LGBT, transgender, the redefinition of marriage and the family, the increasing ubiquity of porn as freedom.

Freedom from what? From God and eternal life. Freedom to go to Hell.

Then along comes the vaccine and the promise of freedom from death.

False promises granting only enslavement to evil. The ancient lie that God enslaves and sin frees yet beguiles and seduces the concupiscence in man and woman. It was a lie that seduced our first parents.

Anyone who doesn’t learn this history is condemned to repeat it. Literally. Condemnation only can follow disobedience to divine command.

The Church has been engaged from the beginning, in Christ, to bring mankind back into obedience through Christ. To proclaim Christ as sole Savior and freedom fighter for mankind.
The Muslim hordes are not going to take anything from the West, whether it’s a vaccine or a depopulation mindset or globalism, so they will continue to expand their populations and have as many children as they please.

As a result, the great reset so imagined or envisioned will simply accelerate what is already happening: The West is declining with lower birthrates. Muslims and non-Christians who haven’t been corrupted by the depopulation, abortion and anti-human mindset will continue to have children and will overtake the West.

If by the “great reset” they mean the Muslimification of the formerly Christian West, then they would be correct. The way in which non-vetted military age Muslim males were whisked from Afghanistan to the United States in the crisis after the fall of Kabul in preference to U.S. citizens would seem to indicate that this might be part of the plan.

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