Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"Let's Roll": Catholic wife and mother Miki Hill says attacks on family at Synod 2014 an ecclesial "9-11"

Catholic wife and mother Miki Hill, in a recent email message forwarding the text of a column by Steve Wood damning the mid-term Synod 2014 report as being guilty of causing lasting damage to the Church, compared the current crisis of attacks on the family, even from within the context of the Synod, as being a "9-11" for the Church, like the terrorist attacks which brought America to its knees.

"Dear Some of the Finest Young Men I Know,

"I know these comments from Steve Wood are long and I know that I have nothing to do but read with a broken leg, but I believe this article is worth your time to read.

"By nature, I am an activist and an optimist.

"I believe that the interim report from the Synod nailed the coffin on a real crisis in the Catholic Church. I have some real concerns where all of the feathers of scandal and misrepresentation have landed not only all over the world but specifically on our US soil.

"After Steve Wood read Familiaris Consortio from JPII IN 1990, he came into the Church and was motivated to bring the Truth of Jesus Christ and His liberating Gospel of Love to as many as possible. Maybe some activism will be generated by both those who have the courage of the Civil War soldiers to defend the Truth and those that see the nonsense from comments of some of our Princes in the Catholic Church.

"Please forward this column on to your peers. As the one man said on the plane going down in Pa on 9/11, 'Let's roll!' Much needs to be done now.

"Lord, have mercy.

"Love and prayers,


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