Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pogerola: La Taverna dei Briganti / The Brigands' Tavern

Above the Amalfi Coast near Naples not far from Ravello one finds the small village of Pogerola and the rustic "Tavern of the Brigands" dedicated to the memory of the guerilla bands that defended the monarchy and tradition in the face of the overwhelming odds posed by the forces for the unification of Italy.  A fire burns in the forno, a wood burning oven used for grilling a secondo, or entree, of beef or pizza. After a generous dinner of many plates, from antipasto, or appetizers of salami and formaggi, or cheese, to contorni, or vegetables, we sat with the proprietor over a glass of prosecco and discussed the glories of southern Italy's past and the prospects for the future, including the very low birth rate which is already causing repercussions through the various levels of society.
Throughout our travels we found Italian families turning to immgrants from Romania, Bangladesh and other places to learn the trade and continue the family business or skill.

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