Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Amalfi: Saint Andrew's Tomb

The Amalfi Coast

The relics of Saint Andrew are enshrined at the cathedral of Amalfi, richly endowed through the wealth of the former Maritime Republic which established this town as its seat.

Natural bridge formation is typical of the rocky coastline and the neighboring islands which include the most well-known, Capri.

Gothic lace carvings on the cathedral porch frame the views of Amalfi.

The fine pebble beach results from the work of water and waves over many years.

Hundreds of steps lead down from the road to Santa Croce beach. The reward of a swim in the clear water is worth the effort.

Photos by MCITL.


Dawn said...

Beautiful! What's the temperature there now? Is it warm enough for a swim?

Argent said...

I love the Amalfi Coast. And Sant'Andrea is a stunning cathedral. The drive along the coast is white-knuckle inducing, especially if your bus driver decides that he's more interested in chatting on the cellphone, complete with hand gestures. That's hard to coordinate while shifting gears on a hairpin curve.

Deo gratias we lived to tell the tale.

Thank you for visiting.


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