Sunday, September 11, 2022

A parish on the brink of destruction: from over 200 souls down to 20 by October

Every Sunday the ushers at our parish take a count of Mass attendance. Today the total was 214. In two weeks time it will plummet to 24.

The 8 am with 45 people and the 11 am with 145 people are the traditional Latin Masses. The 9 am is novus ordo.

Sunday Mass attendance will go down to below 30 after Sept 21st because the families with multiple children, who attend faithfully, love the Church, obey the commandments, support the priest, desire to know Church teaching and seek in all ways to be good Catholics will be kicked out of their own parish church.

They attend the TLM. Loving our Lord and Church teaching means living it, not just coming to Mass and listening to it. And they get it.

By the end of September my parish will look a lot like many other parishes on life support with a steady diet of novus ordo Masses. With very few or no children. No teens or young adults. Mostly retirees.

We have three young families with very young children, those of age in Catholic school, who frequent the novus ordo, though not all weekly. Two of the young families also occasionally attend TLM.

The novus ordo in many places has become maintenance for the small percentage of elderly who still practice their faith.

This is Pope Francis’ doing: destroying the Church by making those on the younger side of the spectrum, who most faithfully and generously practice the Faith, know they are not welcome.

I’ll leave it up to you to figure out why.

View prior to the high Mass today:


M. Prodigal said...

Heartbreaking. I am fortunate. Both my pastor and the parochial vicar take turns offering the TLM on Sundays. Another priest in town also loves the TLM but is prevented from offering it at his parish. He sometimes comes to mine or another parish or even a home. No shut down of TLMs in the diocese so far and a number, especially of the younger priests, offer the TLM.

Anonymous said...

TLM opened our eyes to the truth. It breaks our heart what is happening.

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