Thursday, November 25, 2021

My latest: “Our Bishops Can Learn from Kyle Rittenhouse”


Our Bishops Can Learn From Kyle Rittenhouse

November 25, 2021


Some things are worth defending.

Kyle Rittenhouse, a young man at 17 years of age, knows this fact quite well. He was forced to defend his own life because others threatened to take it away. Kyle is now, as of November 18, awaiting the verdict from his trial but, as is so often the case today, many are attempting to try and condemn him in the media. Defending one’s own life, for many, is now a crime.

Kyle was down on the ground, alone against a mob, his safety and, potentially his life, threatened. He used his weapon and killed his attackers in what appears to be self-defense.

I believe, now that he has the ignominious status of having killed men, he would be quick to correct any others who glamorize violence, who think such a regrettable tragedy confers some sort of “street cred” or hero status. Men who take the life of another as a defense never forget the gravity of the decision and are sobered by the reality for the rest of their lives.

Kyle no doubt demonstrated the sober reality of taking life when he broke down in dramatic sobs in the courtroom, reliving the tense moments before he had to use his weapon in the face of potentially deadly threats. Many have derided Kyle as a wild and lawless militia wannabe who had no business being where he was and armed as he was.

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