Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Here’s a sign you may have lost your sanity as well as your faith

When a Catholic pounds on the sacristy door after Sunday Mass and begins an outburst by blurting out something about divorce with tears in their eyes it may be politics, and not personal, as was my experience recently.

The man, though clearly in distress, was not sharing something personal, I soon learned much to my relief, but I was chagrined that his purpose in launching on the subject was an attempt to compare and contrast two politicians.

He was bringing up divorce in the case of a prolife politician. No dice: in our Catholic calculus the broken marriage of one politician doesn’t outweigh the desire to support murder on the part of another politician in the scale of comparison between the two.

And it led me to think that, if you’ve begun to agree with spin doctors and leftist talking heads that divorce is worse than support for abortion or discounts a right to participate in our political life, you may have lost your mind as well as your faith.

60% of the population is now divorced: that would discount a lot of people from running for office and would require the removal of a number of people currently in office.

Yes, divorce can be a sin, but it isn’t a crime that calls out to heaven for vengeance like continuing support for abortion during all nine months of pregnancy, and in some cases after birth, which amounts to infanticide.

Someone who is ProLife now can repent of a past divorce. That is all the Lord asks.

If you no longer grasp this basic distinction between these two human issues then you have been brainwashed by those who have absolutely nothing in common with our Catholic faith and, at the same time, with the truth.

Even some sanity broke through the fog of confusion affecting even our bishops’ conference last November when they were willing to re-state the truth that abortion is the “preeminent issue”. Fighting legal child murder, aka abortion, and overturning Roe v. Wade, continues to a primary concern for all Catholics who wish to be so in good standing.

The Truth demands it. He commands “Thou shalt not kill” demands it. Abortion kills.

While on the subject of abortion, the March for Life is not an opportunity for self-selected so-called “Catholic pro-life leaders” to promote themselves by canceling the March for everybody else and then showing up themselves for a photo opportunity. That is very far from the intention of Nellie Gray in founding the March.

Canceling the March when people on the left are given carte blanche to gather in public at the same time is setting a very dangerous precedent. Catholics and others of good will should push back against being canceled - we need to push back against the cancel culture by showing up, now more than ever.

Agreeing not to gather in peaceful protest begins a process on a continuum that under our cancel culture leads inexorably to further and further silencing.

Nellie Gray founded the March so that every human being could witness for every fellow unborn human being. The vast crowd at the March each year is the Lord’s most eloquent statement that every human life without exception is sacred and every human person that can speak up must do so for those in the womb who have no voice.

We will have wait until next year to find out if these “leaders” end up killing off the nation’s number one peaceful protest for Life.

Submitting our necks to the yoke of the cancel culture is not leadership at all. And it’s not following the Lord either.

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