Thursday, March 20, 2014

"Like a tree planted near flowing waters": the Spring equinox and the seasons of the life of grace

Today the day and night are roughly equal in length, thus "equinox." Science forbids any notion that night and day are equal in power, though, and that one is battling the other for an as yet unknown victory. We serenely observe the passing of seasons, asking for the grace of contentment with the splendor and show of God's nature.

Also, in the spiritual life, we ask to be like that tree, "planted beside running waters, whose leaves never fade." If our lives are founded upon and rooted in Jesus Christ our Eucharist, the seasons of our lives will continue to give us growth, that the waters of our Baptism may flow all our days, like a fountain welling up unto Eternal Life.

A blessed Spring equinox to you and yours, one roadmark along our Lenten, lifegiving journey!

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