Friday, November 16, 2012

Solemn High Mass for Veterans' Day at Saint Benedict Church in Chesapeake, Virginia

A Solemn High Mass in the extraordinary form of the Roman rite was celebrated at Saint Benedict Church in Chesapeake, Virginia, on November 12 for all of our veterans on the occasion of Veterans' Day.

The Reverend Kevin M. Cusick, LCDR, CHC, USN (R) served as celebrant, the Reverend Neal Nichols, FSSP, as deacon and seminarian Philip Gerard Johnson, LTJG, USN (Ret.) as subdeacon.

Uniformed military service members and families were in attendance. Cadets from Benedictine Military Preparatory Academy in Richmond provided the flag honor guard at the commencement of the Mass and a sword arch for entrance and recessional processions and at the consecration of the Mass.

In second photo below are visible some of the flags displayed for the occasion which included the ensigns of each of our military services as well as the national ensign and the Vatican flag.


MilitaryHighMass_6811 MilitaryHighMass_6816 MilitaryHighMass_6831 MilitaryHighMass_6838 MilitaryHighMass_6870 MilitaryHighMass_6873 MilitaryHighMass_6876 MilitaryHighMass_6881 MilitaryHighMass_6885 MilitaryHighMass_6887 MilitaryHighMass_6889 MilitaryHighMass_6899 MilitaryHighMass_6909 MilitaryHighMass_6911 MilitaryHighMass_6921 MilitaryHighMass_6924 MilitaryHighMass_6929 MilitaryHighMass_6931 MilitaryHighMass_6945 A special word of thanks must go to Father Nichols, FSSP, for his hard work in bringing together all of the individuals and organizations for the successful execution of this remarkable historic and sacred occasion which we pray will occur again next year to mark Veterans' Day. Thank you, Father Nichols.

Photos at Flicker courtesy of Benedictine College Preparatory.


Forward Boldly said...

Absolutely beautiful. God bless you.

Diane Korzeniewski said...

Awesome photo story. Hope you don't mind me "borrowing" two pics. Links here and to Philip Gerard Johnson's post

Rachel M. Gohlman said...

Your pictures of the procession are stunning! Well, they are are truly stunning but these struck me the most.

Gil Garza said...

Make it possible for folks to post your blog entries to Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest and you'll get lot's more exposure. Just a thought. Fantastic pics!

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