Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gaudete Sunday at Navy Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois

My friend Father Charles Johnson, Navy chaplain at Recruit Training Command at Great Lakes, Illinois, sent these photos. With his own resources he obtained the necessary materials to outfit this elegant and dignified setting for his celebration of Gaudete Sunday with the Navy recruits this year. He celebrates the Mass in an auditorium and thus faces a challenge to providing a sacred and prayerful ambience for the Sailors who look to him to keep them in the communion of faith, hope and love with Christ through the universal Church.

God bless Father Johnson and all those who assist him to keep the Faith alive and vibrant among those who depend upon him for pastoral care while away from their homes and families.

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TLM said...

Father's altar is beautiful!

He has offered the Traditional Latin Mass in Kenosha for us more than once. We are very grateful to him for his faithfulness to tradition and his love for the Church.

Last December, he gave an exceptionally good talk on the explanation of the Traditional Latin Mass. We hope to have him back soon.

God bless Father Johnson! He remains in our prayers.


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