Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A cultural and religious "Pearl Harbor" in the heart of Europe

On Pearl Harbor Day we look around the cultural and religious landscape and find a new Pearl Harbor taking place in our midst. "Tolerance romantics" enablers, as Austrian MP Ewald Stadler describes them in this video, ignore and never decry the long string of Catholic priests murdered in Turkey, ignore a culture that unblinkingly buries 16-year-old girls alive and the impossibility of integrating such antics into European culture as is demanded by the Turkish amabssador. Stadler unblinkingly rips the veil off this stark reality that augurs a dark future for Europe if enabling hypocrisy and self-serving blindness continue in blithe inaction for much longer.

In coming days, as Herr Stadler's words become known in the wider world, will the Austrian government be as solicitous to protect his life as they would the lives of certain other non-Western, non-Christian personages?

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