Thursday, March 18, 2021

Beware of time bomb planted in CDF document forbidding the blessing of same-sex relationships

The Vatican Has Just Planted a Time Bomb

The statement of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) which refutes "blessing" homosex liaisons contains a time bomb because it refers to “positive elements” in them, Father Ronald Vierling notices on

Vierling is a former rector of Notre Dame University. He sees a “troubling innovation” as the CDF is adopting the language in a way that it "represents a shift.”

The upcoming detonation of the time bomb will follow the same tactic as Vatican II which introduced an "ambiguous phraseology to be exploited later.”

A similar point was made by Aachen Bishop Helmut Dieser who told the German Synodal Way that he notices “dynamic terms” in the Vatican document such as “positive elements” in homosex liaisons which is for him a "sign of hope" for a possible further "development [= reversal] of the teaching.”

The attempt to whitewash evil by looking for "positive elements" is insidious and dishonest, as "positive elements" can be found in any evil - even in the devil himself - since every evil is the corruption of something which is good.

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