Thursday, February 4, 2021

If traditionalism is a virus then I don’t want the vaccine

In a recent meeting with journalists the Pope said the following:

“The Church [in the U.S.] is very alive, very very alive. There are perhaps traditionalist groups, but we have those here in the Vatican too. This can be healed.”

I’ve never been happier in my traditional rite parish along with the community life that we experience. We experience much charity and joy, in great contrast with society around us, as we live the fullness of the Catholic life. I can’t imagine how going back to the new rites would make us happier than those which were handed down and which were attacked after Vatican II was first badly implemented. Now the same forces in the Church are attempting a redo.

Those fleeing the ecclesial disaster surrounding us also enjoy the community life called for so often and praised by Vatican II, but so seldom realized, with our parish lunch at the hall every Sunday. Why is it only the traditional rite Catholics seem to have time to spend socially with other Catholics? And not in church as is so often the noisy case today, where silence for prayer is rare. 

If traditionalism is an illness, as the pope implies when he says those who worship according to it need healing, then I don’t want the vaccination.

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