Thursday, February 18, 2021

Age old priest-intimidation tactics

So somebody walked out of church the other night during my Ash Wednesday sermon in which I condemned Biden's scandalous behavior. He exteriorly claims to be a Catholic while his heart is very far from God as he embraces abortion and sodomy.

As I reflected later I thought, "Well yeah, they're trying to protest", but ultimately what a Catholic is doing, or any person who walks out of church while the priest delivers remarks, is an attempt to use intimidating behavior to dissuade the priest from preaching the truth.

In their own reflection they may say, "I don't wanna hear this" but what they are ultimately doing is withholding their presence from the priest in an attempt to intimidate him, force him to choose between them and God.

I won't hesitate for a minute to choose God over any other human being, and no other Catholic should ever hesitate to do the same. This is the very sword of which the Lord speaks when He says parents, inlaws, families, will be divided as a result of His teaching.

And the greatest tragedy of all is that the Catholic who walks out of ongoing Mass, except in emergency, is dividing himself from Christ.


JTLiuzza said...

I walked out of Mass one time. In my previous life before I discovered Tradition (Deo Gratias) I had a rather busy schedule on a midweek Holy Day of Obligation so found myself at a parish I'd never been to because the Mass time worked for me. There was some processional hymn that I was familiar with so I sang. But what I was hearing didn't sound quite right so I stopped singing to listen. As I looked around to read lips just to make certain I was hearing what I thought I was hearing, I confirmed that the words they were singing included God being referred to as "her." Catholic church (allegedly). I practically ran out of there and found another parish for the day.

John F. Kennedy said...

"I won't hesitate for a minute to choose God over any other human being, and no other Catholic should ever hesitate to do the same."

I agree. Please continue to preach the Truth. He deserves our love and respect. I fear that if I don't stand up for him, I may suffer for it at the end of this life.

Unknown said...

Oh, give us more faithful priests like that. He is right, the person who walks out is trying to make a point, see here, if you say something I disagree with, I'm going to make a fuss and try to get others to follow me out the door. And then where would you be! It's definitely an intimidation tactic. And conversely, the priest who does not say the hard thing, the Gospel truth that may make someone walk out the door, that suppresses it in order not to cause a stir, is also far from God.

Deacon Dave said...

Well said Father; keep on speaking the truth, even if some do not want to hear it.

Thank you for visiting.


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