Wednesday, June 10, 2020

My latest: “Take A Knee For God, Not Man“

After the killing of George Floyd by a corrupt white police officer in Minneapolis, America took to the streets in protest. Peaceful protesters were quickly infiltrated by bad actors, likely funded by nefarious interests under the guise of Black Lives Matter and other causes, and things turned violent.
We don’t know for certain if the motive which took another life in that case was racism or simple colorblind hatred. It would take a trial and witnesses, even better a confession, to uncover the true reason for such evil. But the result was a mass gut reaction verdict of racism based on the video of a white on black assault resulting in death.

Once the flames were fanned and emotions were engaged, the stage was set. The many with upright motives demonstrating in the street day and night became one element of the recipe for violence. Pallets of bricks began appearing — pre-positioned in numerous locations, ostensibly stolen from construction sites nearby — as potential weapons.

We don’t know yet whether some of the protesters were paid to fan the flames of passion. Authorities say that anarchists and simple lust for violence were involved. However it happened, passions boiled over, resulting in destruction and theft of property and, more significantly, additional injury and death.
The lives that were then lost included those of policemen. One had his throat slit and another was stabbed in the neck. One particularly heartrending killing involved a retired officer attempting to defend a private business from potential looters. As he, David Dorn, also a black man, lay dying on the sidewalk, someone recorded his demise rather than attempting to help.

Violence doesn’t solve the problem of violence, and more hate is not the answer to hate. Sin cannot wipe away or heal from sin.

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