Friday, July 19, 2019

Father James Martin launches attack against Catholic Church with false equivalency between ethnicity and repeated choice to engage in sodomy

Father James Martin, with a straight face and with the presumption of his own intelligence, leads off his attack on the Church, which he claims to represent officially as a priest, with a false equivalency between ethnic blood, with which a person is born despite their own free choice, and the repeated free choice to knowingly engage in acts of sodomy.

As an operative of the transgressive he continues to baptize such a lifestyle as a political movement under the mantle "LGBT", insisting that other persons must be forced to submit to the agenda under the threat that they otherwise might no longer deserve be called "Christian".

The only way to remain Christian, in fact, is to be honest with regard to the truth about sin, the act of sodomy being one such if engaged in with sufficient reflection and full consent of the will. No personal opinion can change this fact. Neither Father Martin's opinion nor that of anyone else can do so.

Here is the video in which, once again, Father Martin panders to the mob while pretending he doesn't know the difference between one's birth in a particular ethnic group, which is never subject to a person’s free choice, and the responsibility inherent in the free choice always necessary for engaging in sex acts which are mortally sinful when done with sufficient reflection and full consent of the will:

As well, Father Martin continues to push the false notion that a qualifier can be placed before the word "Christian", such as "LGBT", while claiming that one can continue in the true faith as such.

One is either fully Christian, and thus deserving of the name, or one is not. Using a qualifier like "LGBT", which approves of and promotes the mortally sinful embrace of sodomy, is not only never a label like any other to be used with Christian, but in fact an agenda that opposes Christianity and cannot coexist with it.

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