Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Who is your Savior?": Catholics, Obama and Communion

"Father, I have a question" she asked. I looked around and there she was. I've known her for years. She had accused an older Irish Pastor of being too mean to children because he had explained the Crucifixion in a religious education class. I had to be careful.

She went on, "Do I have to remove my Obama 2012 sweatshirt before receiving Communion?" She had a look in her eye that said "I'm testing you." I said "That depends on what you're wearing under it." She grinned, knowing that her first attempted trick had failed. "No, I mean, if I support Obama can I still receive Communion?"

Now she had gotten to the heart of the matter. I smiled and said "I don't know why you'd ask. The choice is clear, either you worship Obama or you worship Jesus Christ. Who is your savior?"

She didn't expect that question and looked a little confused.

"If Jesus is your savior, you are Catholic and free from serious sin, you may receive Communion." She said "But I want to know if I can support Obama." I said "Of course you CAN support Obama, but after reading what the Bishops are saying you have to decide for yourself if you can support Obama and still receive Communion."

She said "I support Obama".

I said "Then you've made your choice."

Source: Priest on Facebook.

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