Sunday, December 30, 2007

"Honor Thy Father"

Father Cusick and the church at Camp GCC displaying gifts of candy and cards from our brothers and sisters in the United States.
When we honor our Father in heaven he makes of us one family in the Church on Earth. "And may the peace of Christ reign in your hearts, because it is for this that you were called together as parts of one body." (St. Paul to the Colossians)

Tonight the Kenyan and Indian brothers at Camp GCC celebrated holy Mass together. New brothers from Kerala, India, joined us. I visited Thomas, Anthony and others in their shop this week to wish them a Merry Christmas and they asked if I was offering Mass. I told them about the 2130 Mass on Sundays at Camp GCC and they decided to join us. And so the family grows.

In our catechesis before the Mass this evening we reflected on the gift of the Church from the Father who revealed Himself perfectly in Christ beginning on the first Christmas. The Lord truly came among us to truly remain with us and He does so in His Church. The Spirit sent upon the Church makes of all of us who have been baptized receivers of the gift of the Church, whether we are from Kenya, India or the United States.

All of the brothers were asked to support and assist Edward from Kenya who has been trained to serve them by leading a Sunday Celebration when a priest is not able to offer Mass for them. Because "nemo dabet quod non habet", one cannot give what one does not have, a Catholic must lead the celebration. With sadness we recognize that we must begin to celebrate as a "house church" in one of the trailers. Separated brothers who choose to remain apart from the Church also wish to use the chapel on Sundays. Divisions among Christians would only be further deepened by choosing a false or superficial peace which may result in the scattering of the Flock through exposing it to error.

We shared gifts of candy and Christmas cards sent by the faithful of St Philip's at Camp Springs, Maryland, reconfirming our joy of giving and receiving witness to the Faith in the celebration of holy Mass. The Lord tells us "You are God's chosen race, His saints; he loves you" (Colossians) and we are sent forth for the week to look for the presence of the Lord in all the circumstances of our lives.

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