Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Lord, Every Nation on Earth Will Adore You"

Francis Twindomugisha and Johnathan Waigumbulizi of Uganda (above left), Silmi Mod of Sri Lanka (left), Specialist Colon at COP Akashat (below left), and John Bosko Byamukama of Kampala, Uganda, are some of the many voices and hearts raised in worship of the Lord throughout His Mystical Body, the one Church on earth.

"Every tongue should acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord to the glory of God the Father" (Phil 2: 11). The Lord's will that His Church be truly catholic, or universal, impels the priest to reach out to everyone and, first, to fellow members of the household of believers. No one is excluded from the service of the Church through which Christ desires to embrace the whole world in love, for He wills "that all be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth." The Church from the day of Pentecost has been called to serve men and women "from every nation under heaven" (cf. Acts 2: 5)

Ugandans serve as security personnel on bases throughout west Anbar and fulfill these words of Scripture. Sri Lankans, Indians, Filippinos and others work in roles of service in food, cleanliness, physical plant and transportation and also share in the Faith. They come some of the many nations on earth whose people share today in the communio of the Church and are a sign that all nations are called to adore the Lord.

The prayers of the Church rise like incense before the Lord, in every tongue and tribe and people and nation, as the sacred liturgy is celebrated everywhere under the sun. Francis Twindomugisha will go forth as a "leaven in the world" to encourage his brothers and sisters in the Church from Uganda to "adore the Lord" in the proclamation of the Word and prayer in common on the Lord's Day.

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